The NZ Foam Lifetime Product Warranty

NZ Foam Limited warrants that NZ Foam Insulation (the Product) is fit for the purpose of insulating ceilings, walls, and under floors according to the products’ stated purpose.

The NZ Foam warranty applies to the owner of the property the product is installed to the extent that:

1. The Product has no obvious defects apparent for a period of 50 years, from the date of its original purchase (“Limited Lifetime Warranty”)

2. The product can be expected to maintain its thermal insulation properties for a period of 50 years from the date of purchase.

3. Is transferable to any subsequent owners of the property

1. Application of the product

Application of the product must have been installed by an approved and certified contractor using NZ Foam trained applicators and applied in accordance with the product specification and NZ Foam full training manual. NZ Foam and/or the applicator’s sole responsibility under this Limited Lifetime Warranty shall be to repair or replace any defective product at the cost of the material and labour only. NZ Foam and/or the applicator shall not be responsible for any other costs whatsoever related to, or in connection with, the removal or installation of the replacement product.

2. Building Code Regulations

The product must have been installed in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the relevant building code standards applicable to the building at the time in which the insulation is installed. The building must be constructed according to the required building code standards and have applicable building consent and code compliance certificate issued.

3. Responsibility

Neither NZ Foam nor the applicators are responsible to ensure the building meets current building code requirements prior during and after application.

4. Breaches

In the event of a breach of this warranty, NZ Foam may at its sole discretion offer a full refund of the purchase price of the product rather than repairing or rectifying the defective product. This is at NZ Foam’s sole discretion.

5. Product Protection

The product once installed must be protected from UV and weather conditions within Codemark and Tech Manual state 6 months.

6. Defect Awareness

The claimant must advise NZ Foam immediately in writing upon them becoming aware of, or should reasonably have become aware of, a defect that may be covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty. In the event that the claimant does not advise NZ Foam within that reasonable period, this may void the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

7. Inspection

Before commencing any remediation of the defective insulation, the purchaser must allow NZ Foam access to inspect the defective material.

8. Repair Work

No repair work must be carried out before notification to NZ Foam of the alleged defect and NZ Foam having the opportunity to inspect the property. In the event that repair works are completed before notification and inspection, this warranty shall be voided.

9. Transference

This warranty applies to the purchaser and does transfer to any subsequent owner of the property in which the product has been installed.

We believe our spray foam insulation contributes to the positive health status of New Zealanders.

We make sure our spray foam insulation outperforms our competitors’ products and last the lifetime of the building. We understand we are fully responsible for properly educating our staff and installers on how to support and serve our customers. All of us at NZ Foam continuously look for ways to inform the wider public about the health benefits of high-performing insulation and support community home-insulation initiatives.

Our Core Company Values


We believe in focussing on the long-term viability of our company, reputation, customers, staff and products. We want all of these to still be around for many generations into the future. We want our company to be sustainable through merit and performance. We will demonstrate our commitment to this value by producing a top-quality product with long-lasting qualities; and by putting our marketing emphasis primarily on educating our staff, installers and the public about the benefits of insulation, and specifically, foam insulation.


We want our products to quantifiably contribute to the positive health status of New Zealanders through reducing the incidence of diseases most likely to be contracted by residents of damp, uninsulated homes. We will first demonstrate our commitment to this value by listening to, consulting on and acting on, issues over health concerns raised by our staff and stakeholders that fall within the company’s reasonable sphere of influence.


We genuinely believe our products out-perform competitors’ products and have benefits not common to most other insulation products. We want our team to outperform our competitors too. We will demonstrate our commitment to this value by ensuring we employ and properly train exceptionally high-performing sales, installation and customer support staff who become thoroughly familiar with the distinctive performance benefits and points of difference of NZ Foam products.



We understand in order for our customers to choose NZ Foam, they must be educated on the benefits of the product first. We will demonstrate that we are committed to this value in the scope of NZ Foam by equipping our staff with the information and tools to present to potential customers, and ensuring our general marketing touch points include rich information about why the product is superior to all of our competitors’ products.

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