Warmer forever and proud.

Garry and Monique Bond built their new home in Fendalton, Christchurch – NZFoam’s spray foam insulation was a decision in the building process they are proud of.

Garry says they sought their building contact’s advice when they were looking for insulation.

“We liked that foam gave 100% insulation with no gaps – not like some of the other batt products. We needed something that wouldn’t disintegrate and get crushed during the building process, and not let in the air and drafts.”

“North America had been doing it for a long time, and they obviously know what they are doing!” Monique says.

They noticed foam evened out the home’s temperature, “when it is hot outside, it is cool inside and vice versa.”

Quick stats:


Cover with no gaps - something the Bonds' valued over our competitors

The amount of times they have used their state-of-the-art underfloor heating! It's not needed!

Asthmatic children - now free from cold-induced asthma!

Monique says ” the product lasts, it added to earthquake strengthening of the home, the R value is incredibly high, and as well as the insulation factor there is the benefit of noise reduction. “There is a whole range of benefits we wouldn’t have got in a standard solution.”

“We had heated floor slabs but hadn’t needed turn them on for months – we have just seen results in ongoing costs in turns of running this house. When you apply apples with apples there is not much difference in costs.”

They added that NZ Foam added extra benefit with its service, especially with the Innovative in solving design issues with the council.

A benefit was there were no fibres in the air to contribute to breathing issues.

Monique says “as prior to moving our children were asthmatic, there has been no cold induced asthma.”

“We have no worries with the product, the fire ignition risk is practically zero, much better
than other products,” Garry says.

“We always like to point out to our guests we have foam insultation, we’re proud of the fact
we have this product and of the job it does.”

“And we are dry as a bone!”

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