The best choice for looking after the elderly.

Project Manager Rob Hampton says enjoying a warm, cosy home during retirement years is imperative, especially so in the colder winters of South Canterbury.

Project Manager Rob Hampton, from Lochlea Life Resort in Ashburton, had no doubt that NZFoam was a superior insulation product for his new builds.

“We came in at the second stage of the new 112 villa retirement village development. Polystyrene had been used before, but we had seen the spray foam insulation online – and so we approached NZFoam, got them involved, and decided to give it a go – because of the ease of the product.”

Rob says he talked to a lot of clients throughout the village and they noticed a big difference in warmth, compared to the more conventional fibreglass or polystyrene he had used in other builds.

“NZ Foam also came out as the cost-effective solution in terms of the time taken for the installation, compared to when we were using the fibreglass or polystyrene. It was a big saving.”

Quick stats:


The amount of residents who noticed a difference with spray foam insulation.

Number 1 in cost effectivity for large-scale jobs compared to competing insulation products and installation services.

Retirement villas fitted out with the best insulation on the market: spray foam insulation.

“NZ Foam really is a one-stop shop. They just came in, prepped the house, sprayed the foam, and cleaned up after themselves.

“There were no concerns at all. The service was top notch. We just had to give them a week’s notice and they were on the job. I would highly recommend NZ Foam.”

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