Ōpuke Thermal Pools – A uniquely shaped insulation solution for a uniquely shaped project!

Ōpuke Thermal Pools, a captivating construction project, presented the us with a unique set of requirements.

They sought a versatile solution that could seamlessly mold around the curves and cavities of the pools. Additionally, they needed insulation for the copper piping without any joins, a seamless application, no mechanical fixing on the caves, and the ability to insulate the sides of the pools to reduce heat loss and overall running costs. The perfect solution to meet these demands was found in the form of spray foam insulation.

To address the intricate curves and caves of the pools, NZ Foam was able to expertly spray the foam over the concrete and steel mesh surfaces. This application created a complete moisture barrier that not only protected the caves but also provided insulation for the pools themselves. The skilled applicators from NZ Foam ensured that the foam adhered perfectly to the contours of the pools, creating a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

One of the primary challenges was insulating the copper piping without any joins in the insulation. Spray foam proved to be the ideal solution as it could be sprayed directly onto the piping, conforming to its shape and providing a continuous layer of insulation. This eliminated the need for additional joining materials and ensured a tight seal, effectively reducing heat loss and improving overall energy efficiency. Moreover, the foam could be covered with dirt and grass, effectively concealing the insulation while protecting it from external elements. This ensured the longevity of the insulation without compromising its performance.

The outcome of the Ōpuke Thermal Pools project received positive feedback from the client. “We were particularly impressed by the ease of working with the foam, as it held its shape effortlessly during application. The skilled and timely presence of NZ Foam’s team on-site contributed to the smooth progress of the project, ensuring that it adhered to our established timeline. The seamless application of the foam on the copper piping was highly appreciated, as it eliminated the need for additional insulation joints, simplifying the overall process. The insulation provided by the foam made a significant difference in reducing heat loss and optimizing the energy efficiency of the pools!”

The Ōpuke Thermal Pools project presented unique challenges that necessitated a versatile solution. Spray foam proved to be the perfect choice, allowing for the precise molding and seamless application around the curves and caves of the pools. Ōpuke Thermal Pools stands as a testament to the exceptional qualities of spray foam insulation in construction projects, delivering both performance and aesthetics!

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