Happy Sheep, Happy Farmer.

It was the search for a solution to a 30-year problem, that led a fourth-generation high-country farmer to discover NZFoam.

David Waddy is from Glenesk sheep and cattle station in Greta Velley, North Canterbury. It’s where weather extremes bite hard.

The large sheep dry-shed was not watertight. He saw foam being used on Sky TV in Canadian homes and thought “there must be a product in New Zealand.” He searched google, which lead him straight to NZFoam.

“I saw that foam could be applied quickly and simply. I thought let’s get on with it, I can’t wait – and it was done in a day.”

“I have always had a problem with condensation and rain dripping from the roof. I had thought of replacing the tin roof, or adding a lining of plywood, but that would have been costly and labour intensive. It’s a big building.”

The NZFoam application was simply just adding to the 1970s shed, instead of destroying anything already there. The fact that it provided guaranteed longevity, was the clincher.

Now there is no condensation or rain drips from the roof – it’s perfect really.

It’s made it exactly what I always wanted this building to be in the first place – its lived up to everything I wanted. Even if the roof was replaced there would have been no guarantees. And If the foam was too expensive, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Quick stats:

Amount of years not being able to solve the leaky shed problem

Amount of days to install spray foam insulation

Large herd of happy, dry sheep!

“There was good contact with NZFoam, before and afterwards, I’m very happy – and I’ve recommended it to other local farmers and builders.”

David says his working life has less stress – the sheep are guaranteed somewhere to dry off and stay dry.

“It’s very hard work here, this had made the day go better, more manageable – a better place to be. Life’s now easier in the new ambience of this woodshed.”

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