A Distinctive Hotel.

A time-proven solution was chosen to take a 4star hotel to new heights.

Distinction Hotel is arguably Christchurch’s top hotel, in the heart of Cathedral Square. NZ Foam was used as the insulation of choice during renovations to floors 3,5, 10, and the penthouse.

“The hotel needed a post-earthquake insulation upgrade in 2016, to bring it to a very high standard,” says owner of the Distinction group of hotels, Geoff Thomson. “As when we do what we do, we do it well.

“I was looking for spray foam application, as an alternative to another product, because we wanted to raise the R value. I had seen applications of spray-on foam and its benefits used before.

It was predominately used for the outside walls, and in and around the rooms – anywhere where a high R-value was needed. The product gave us a good mix between cost effectiveness and a high R value.”

Quick stats:

amount of floors upgraded to spray foam insulation

Penthouse suite with superior acoustic ratings


Future warm, happy guests

“To use another type of solution would have been time consuming – foam was quick. It gave a good envelope seal. We achieved everything we wanted, and a good acoustic solution around ducts and pipes.

“We also used it to increase the acoustic rating the penthouse on the 11th floor.”

NZFoam also provided the spray-on membrane tanking product for the roof and round the building. “This was a very cost-effective solution, as our architect had a complex design to fix the problem – but foam was much simpler.”

“I would absolutely use them again, for our other sites – anywhere we wanted to achieve high value, as the foam is a solid mix of cost effectiveness and achieving r value.”

Geoff added he would have used NZFoam for the whole building if he could have.

“The team were really good to work with, quite obliging. At the end of the day is was a good way of insulating, especially those difficult nooks and crannies – it was a good solution for us.”

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