Crichel Down Potatoes: Spray Foam is so good, they came back for seconds!

Crichel Down Potatoes, a significant project in the agricultural industry, presented the client with a range of specific requirements. They sought a product with a proven track record of 30 years in the industry.

The solution needed to be safe for long-term storage of potatoes, not off-gassing into the produce. Additionally, the client required a solution that could adhere directly to concrete walls of their shed without the need for mechanical fixings, be sprayed onto the roof iron to expedite construction, reduce running costs, withstand heavy traffic from machinery, and be easily repaired when necessary. The ideal solution to fulfill these criteria was found in the form of NZ Foam spray foam insulation!

NZ Foam’s portable plant was brought to the site in Ashburton, enabling timely and efficient application as needed. Spray foam was directly applied to the underside of the roofing iron, offering substantial cost savings during construction. Additionally, it was sprayed against the concrete walls, securely adhering without the need for mechanical fixings. This not only provided a seamless finish but also eliminated potential damage to the potatoes stored against the walls, ensuring their quality and longevity.

The choice of spray foam as the insulation solution was driven by several factors. Firstly, spray foam was the only viable option to protect the potatoes in their resting spot until they were ready for the market. With its complete moisture barrier, spray foam prevented moisture from saturating or dampening the potatoes. It acted as a reliable shield, safeguarding the produce from the concrete walls and maintaining its quality.

Furthermore, the spray foam solution offered durability and versatility. It could withstand the high-traffic area with fork lifts, front-end loaders, and conveyors consistently operating around the storage facility. The robust nature of spray foam ensured that it could endure the demands of the agricultural environment without compromising its performance. Additionally, the ease of repair further contributed to its suitability for the project, providing a practical and efficient solution.

Spray foam’s exceptional thermal insulation properties were also crucial in this context. The high R-value of the foam provided effective insulation in large, exposed buildings such as those used for produce storage. This insulation value protected the produce from external weather patterns, maintaining a consistent temperature and reducing energy consumption. Spray foam proved to be a reliable and efficient solution, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations.

The feedback from the client was overwhelmingly positive. Their satisfaction was evident as they returned to NZ Foam for stage two of the ongoing project, a testament to their trust in the quality of the work performed previously. “Spray foam surpassed our expectations, delivering all the desired outcomes and more. We strongly recommend NZ Foam to other agricultural and horticultural shed owners to protect their yield, year-round.”

In conclusion, the Crichel Down Potatoes project required a reliable and efficient solution to meet the unique demands of potato storage. Spray foam proved the ideal choice, providing a versatile product that delivered exceptional insulation, protection from moisture, and durability in a high-traffic environment. Crichel Down Potatoes’ storage shed project proves the effectiveness of spray foam in agricultural applications, showcasing its ability to exceed expectations and meet the specific requirements of the industry.

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