Award Winning Family Home.

An award-winning family home is creating a buzz, simply because of NZ Foam insulation, a product improving the comfort levels and affordability standards for new builds.

NZ Foam is the main reason this consistently warm Christchurch adobe, built by Fusion Homes, achieved the Lifestyle Award in the Sustainability category in the Canterbury Master Build Awards 2017. This spray-on insulation has insulation enabled the home to exceed the minimum government R-value requirements.
What is an R value? This is the official measurement of how well insulated walls can resist heat flow. The government minimum recommendation for R Values is 3.6 for ceilings and 2.4 for 90mm walls. The NZ Foam system, in this instance, measured R Values as 5.1 in the ceiling and 3.6 in the walls. There is no need to increase the thickness of the walls to achieve high results. A minimal 70mm layer of foam creates an R Value of 3.3.

Results of tracking over a 15 month period showed:

Average Temperature at Night (°C)

Average Temperature in Morning (°C)

Average Overnight Temperature Loss (°C)

Solar panels on the roof were connected to a pay-back system. The benefits are enviable low power bills: $145 in the depths of winter and as low as $25 in summer. The house is in 24/7 use, with an office and a toddler to keep cosy. The family puts away the energy savings each month for their child’s future, and solar installation costs will have paid for itself in under six years. Additionally, even airflow is the key to perfection, which was achieved by using a heat recovery veneration system supplied by Snow Temp. Heating is provided by a Tropicair dual burner.
Due to the airtight NZ Foam system in the walls, ceiling and under floor, most days heat loss has been an average of 3.6 degrees overnight. It keeps the warmth in, but during summer months it keeps uncomfortable extremes of heat out. NZFoam essentially creates the glue to achieve an affordable drier, warmer home.

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