Spray Foam: a simple alternative to cold storage fees

In times like these, we’re all thinking about ways to make our businesses more secure and looking for ways to cut costs. Creating a cool store on your property might be simpler than you thought. NZ Foam has managed new cool store builds for growers – and also created cool stores from existing buildings.

“Instead of a costly off-site storage facility, you pay the capital costs once and then that building can be useful all year round,” says NZ Foam’s Chris Haughey.

Chris has a building background and so he understands exactly what it takes to turn a shed into a coolstore – or build one from scratch.

“The key is to do it well, or it doesn’t add up. If your cool store isn’t protected from the rapidly fluctuating temperatures that we have in a lot of the country, then you’ll spend too much on cooling costs.”

This is where spray foam comes in. NZ Foam uses closed cell spray foam insulation to deliver the best thermal performance on the market. Spray foam fills the gaps of older buildings to create an air seal that keeps cold in. It doesn’t absorb moisture so it’s the perfect choice to keep your produce dry and fresh all year.

Spray foam will actually increase the structural stability of your old shed or farm building – and it performs for the life of the building.

NZ Foam can get involved from the initial design and can organise any building requirements as well as the refrigeration contractors.

“Every property is unique. We work together to understand what you want the end result to be, and then we make it happen,” Chris says.

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The real benefits of spray foam insulation

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A quick word

Just see what some of our happy customers have to say about spray foam in their converted sheds.

“A firm, crisp restaurant-quality onion needs to be kept at around 1.4 degrees Celsius. As onions give off heat, consistent temperature control is crucial. When there’s a rise in temperature, especially when new onions are brought in, it is now possible for the room temperature to lower back to the ideal temperature within three hours. Condensation and carbon dioxide are also kept to a minimum.”

– Lance Roper

The NZFoam application was simply just adding to the 1970s shed, instead of destroying anything already there. The fact that it provided guaranteed longevity, was the clincher. Now there is no condensation or rain drips from the roof – it’s perfect really. It’s made it exactly what I always wanted this building to be in the first place – its lived up to everything I wanted. Even if the roof was replaced there would have been no guarantees. And If the foam was too expensive, I wouldn’t have done it.

– David Waddy

Download our latest report “The Low Down on Spray Foam”

Download the best report that’s been released this year by our insulation industry experts in New Zealand. Get access to data that has never been revealed to the public.