Warmer Forever.

Foam insulation is the preferred insulation internationally. Canada, America and Europe have been choosing spray polyurethane foam insulation for decades. This is the type of insulation used in Antarctic buildings and spacecraft! It is now fast becoming the preferred method of insulation throughout New Zealand, supporting warm, healthy and comfortable living environments for Kiwi families. Spray foam insulation creates an excellent air and moisture seal, giving you full control of the interior environment for the lifetime of your home.

NZ Foam supplies the two common forms of foam insulation: closed cell and open cell. Both insulate exceptionally well, add structural support and block noise, moisture and movement of air. Closed and open cell foam can both be used in ceilings, walls and under floors, effectively wrapping your entire home in a thermal blanket.


Of the two types, closed cell foam has the higher R-rating, i.e. performs best at heat insulation, and has the potential to save a household up to 30% on heating costs. It is also denser and therefore offers higher protection against moisture incursion as well as giving a greater degree of structural strength. Open cell foam offers the best sound barrier, expand into awkward and tight spaces, adheres well. NZ Foam will advise on the best type of foam insulation for your building.

Foam Insulation Types:

Closed Cell Foam


Open Cell Foam


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