Published at 14:30pm on 18 November, 2021
By Filmore Foam

Kia ora! Filmore Foam, here! Are you aware that the R-values required for housing and small building insulation are going to change shortly?

It is just a matter of time! The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) have published a Consultation document in April 2021, outlining acceptable solutions and verification methods to the Building Code to keep pace with innovation, current construction methods and the needs of our ever-changing people and landscapes in New Zealand.

Three options have been presented to improve the insulation standards of our small island nation in the middle of the pacific:

  1. Raising R-Values halfway to International Standards
  2. Raising R-Values to be comparable to International Standards and,
  3. Raising R-Values to exceed International Standards

The team at NZ Foam would be more than happy to collaborate on improving the R-value you can offer to your clients. Polyurethane Spray Foam has been in the NZ market for approximately 40 years and NZ Foam have been installing Polyurethane Spray Foam insulation into the residential market for 9 years.

Spray foam insulation is able to achieve an R-Value of 3.96 at 90mm thickness.

If you think this is something you would be interested in looking into further, let’s tee up a meeting in person, or via video conference.

Your key contact:

Kevin McGrath – Sales Director
Phone: 021 320 284 or 0800 693 626