“When we decided to build our dream home, we wanted a superior insulation solution with a high RV, and went looking. We found NZFoam products that had very high R values, that would prevent air exchanges, loss of heat and wouldn’t crush, slump or deteriorate over time. These products were in common use in North America and Canada, so we were confident they would suit Christchurch’s cold winters. Whilst traditional insulation was used by our Designer and supported by our Builder, we didn’t want to be a “sheep following the heard” and wanted to make an intelligent insulation choice for our home that would deliver a warmer, and dryer home for many years. Side benefits are increased rigidity or strength of our building, and sound proofing. After extensive research, we chose the closed cell denser spray foam product Demlec Heatlok TX, which NZ Foam installed to code. The team at NZFoam worked with our Designer, Builder and Electrical Engineer to spray insulate our home, much to the amazement of the construction team. We were very happy with the results, as were the Council. Our home is wonderful to live in and our insulation is performing as we had dreamed.”