“In 2017 I converted a steel 40ft container into an office space for Wanaka Waste Busters an awesome local recycling community enterprise. Being based in the cold south one of my main concerns was that any moisture inside the container during winter would condense on the cold steel and cause a dampness issue. After much research I decided that insulation installed by NZfoam was the best solution to both insulate and isolate the steel structure,  removing the dew point problem. Part of the office design was to have a 1m foyer just inside the container before the office entrance proper. To save on costs I left this part of the container uninsulated. During the first part of the winter I noticed that there was substantial weeping of the steel within the foyer. In the end I got NZfoam to insulate the foyer area as it wasn’t functional as it was. This solved the problem of weeping and was good proof that the insulation system was indeed doing the job that was required of it.”