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ORANGE  is the New word in Insulation




Servicing: All Of New Zealand and the
Pacific Islands.
  • Creates a warmer, healthier home
  • Thermally the best insulation on the market
  • High ongoing  insulation performance  for the life of the building
  • Energy wise - Providing savings of up to 40% on heating costs
  • Best  Insulation R-Value on the market
  • Environmentally and ecologically friendly 
  • Inert and Safe Product
  • Odourless
  • Peace and quiet in your home


NZ Foam provides Among the Highest Rated Home Insulation in     New Zealand. 


If you are looking for an insulation  product that never moves or sags, has the among the highest thermal rating,  is guaranteed to perform at optimum level for a lifetime, AND  is made from recycled materials, then look no further.


Providing the highest thermal R-values currently available.


Ceiling Insulation   

Particularly effective on high stud and cathedral type ceilings because this product locks the heat in, as air does not escape through it. 


Wall Insulation    

Can be likened to wrapping your home inside a thermal blanket .   Stay warm and cosy in the winter, cool and comfortable in the summer. 


Underfloor Insulation

A superior grade moisture and damp proof barrier for underfloor, fast and easy to install, for warm dry, and healthier homes.



Our premium insulation means that your building is heated much faster and the temperature is maintained for far longer than other methods of insulation.  


Contact Us to arrange an no obligation quote, and find out about the many advantages of this great product. 


"We are raising the standard of Home Insulation in New Zealand.

With well over 30 years experience in the construction industry, our team are very knowledgeable when it comes to providing only the very best products for your new home or Commercial Project.


This is the preferred Insulation internationally, and is now  becoming popular in New Zealand!

There are many  good reasons why Canadians, Americans and Australians have been choosing  spray polyurethane foam insulation since 1953 and it is now fast becoming the preferred method of insulation  in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand to create a warm, healthy and comfortable living environment.











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